Cock doll and pattern

I’ve done this paper one at about one year ago as an eastern gift for my daughter’s friend. However this cock is pretty good toy for all seasons and can be made not just from paper, but from a fabric too.

The pattern (should be printable) is simple and easy to create.

Description of the pieces:

1. Body (8.5 x 8.5 cm) – 1 piece

2. Wings and tail – 3 pieces of each color (6 pieces total in my case)

3. Base of the body – 1 piece

4. Beak – 1 piece

5. Foots – 1 piece

6. Eyes – 2 pieces

7. Cock’s comb – 2 pieces


Form a cone from piece 1, fill it with  cotton and close it with the cover 3. Glue the cone to the foots (5), add the other pieces in order as you like it.

The finished cock doll is at around 13 cm high.

Wish you a wonderful and happy game!