Paper beads out of napkins

This is a video tutorial that I made last summer for Janice Mae and her Paper beads blog.

Making jewelry from paper is one of my favorites, so I’ll talk about it more in the future.

Watch the video and do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any.
Happy crafting!


To catch the wind

One of my favorite places for the summer days and nights is the sea beach. I’m in love with everything there – the water, the sun, the sand, the wind, etc. I adore the smell, the light, the sounds. To keep a piece of them during the rest of the year (and specially to survive a little bit easy the cold and dark winter) I decided to catch the sound of the wind in the sea shells.

It’s super easy and you need just natural materials as shells and wooden  sticks, some thread and no special instruments, but only pliers,  screw-driver and needle.

Use your imagination to put all of the materials together.

And, yes, you can do it on the beach. It’s even better to do it there, because you can listen immediately how the wind is playing at the instrument.

Here are some more ideas for patterns. Enjoy! And please if you decide to make a wind catcher, do not forget to show it to me. 🙂

33 butterflies

In fact the butterflies are more than 33. 33 is the number of the invitations for the spring party that I made some months ago.

Not all of them are beautiful, but there are some really pretty ideas which may be used as an inspiration for a similar projects.


Happy bottles

The name of this project is quite easy to be understood when you simply see it. 🙂

These bottles are so happy to stay alive and undertake a new adventures instead to go to the trash. 🙂 A simple and important reason for anyone to be happy. Don’t you thing?

The story of the project in brief – I had a client who ordered 6 presents, with the condition that the pieces are similar, but in the same time differ to each other. I had the liberty to decide the  type of pieces and to design the decoration as I like it. (Wish to everybody such a clients 😀 )

Materials for the project are – 6 empty glass bottles (250ml), paper napkins and glue.

With this post I’ll participate, for the first time in my life, in a contest at Running with scissors.

Wish me luck and happy crafting to you!

Bookmark with paper flower

Some weeks ago a friend of mine borrow to me a book. I wanted to make a little something as a gift to thank her when I gave back the book.

That’s in brief how I decided to make a little “thank you ” card which is also a bookmark. When the card is folded its 5 by 5 cm. square. The rose is one of those that I started to make the last week. I’m still  experimenting with different types of paper or  dimensions of flowers and hope to show soon some interesting and beautiful little roses. 😉

The name of the book is “Possible mothers”, it’s a collection of more than 150 texts about maternity written from different women from Bulgaria, Italy and Ukraine.

This is the front side of the unfolded card which is a bookmark already. And there is a little orthographic tease for my friend who is a teacher.

The back side of the bookmark made from cardboard, wrapping paper, paper band and bordered with cotton thread.

The bookmark is the first of its kind, but it was fun and pleasure for me to work on,  so it won’t be the last, definitely.


While I tough about a project in which to use some colored crepe paper, I found the word kusudama.

It’s super easy and fast to make these flowers from  paper. Here you can find a great tutorial.  I worked with 7 x 7 cm. squares, appropriate dimension for the soft crepe paper. I tried also successfully to make such a flowers from wrapping paper, but with smaller dimension of the square – 3 x 3 cm.

I made a lot of  flowers  from gold and silver colored crepe paper for the Christmas trees decoration of my family and friends.

N.B. A part of this post was written in November 2009 for my blog in Bulgarian.

Blue sun or yellow star

“Hey, mama, look what I found! It looks like a sun, but it’s a star, isn’t – it?”

Or it’s just a photo that shows the hand of my daughter. She holds a pair of paper earrings made from me. 😀

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