From a jar to a vase

I’ve dressed up these jar and yogurt pots and planted inside a lentils for Easter natural decoration.

Now the jar is a vase. I like its colors. The chestnut blossom liked them too. 🙂 Together the blossom and the jar are a joyful, pretty spot on the gray urban environment. 🙂

You can take a look at the decorated bottles, that I posted some days before.

With this publication I’m linking to “Dress up a jar” at City Crafter Chalange Blog.

Have a lot of fun, dears and thank you for stopping here!


It seems to be spring

Every new spring I welcome as if it’s the first in my life.

I enjoy every piece of silk blue sky, peeped under the gray clouds, as if I haven’t seen it never before.

Each chestnut bloom make me smile, as if I see it for the first time.

Everything colorful ( mostly in pink 🙂 ) wake up my happiness.

I, even though,  found a lilac still with blossom on it!

Every spring I mеet children in a park – for the first time!

Every spring I thing that…, may be…, you never know…, despite of…, or because of… etc. the rabbit will bounce in front of me. I hope to find the rabbit and if he’s not wearing the white gloves, at least I wish that he offer to me some tulip, hyacinth or daisy.

Every spring is the first one – now and forever!