The tortoise

The tortoise is a special symbol for our family. So, I did not need to thing a lot about the subject “animal” .

I’m proud and glad, Ladies and Gentlemen, to introduce and present at your attention – Macarena Tortoise, also known as the Queen Mexican-a. 😀

She’s sculptured out of papier mache (chewed paper) and decorated within napkin paper ropes. She is 16 * 9.5 cm young. 🙂

Her social life is full of diversity – walks, friends, flowers, sunbath, etc.  🙂

She is even a fast runner than a ferrari! My daughter adores it (the tortoise, not the ferrari)! And I don’t see a reason to don’t vote for it (the tortoise, not my daughter) 😉

Happy crafting! See you next week!



The original pieces was used as a belt buckle in the traditional woman wear in the region of Balkan Peninsula. Here you can see a beautiful pictures of pafta. Their dimension, form and decorations may vary. I was excited about the possibility to create a paper copy of this nice buckle  and to offer it as a contemporary finery, first – because it is really a lovely piece of art and second – it is an important part of the ancient history and culture of the nation.

I cut the desired forms from cardboard boxes and glue crepe paper to cover them.

I assembled the card board  layers and decorated with paper lines. Afterwards I varnished the pieces. You need just to fix a belt or a simple piece of cloth and wear your old – new fashion jewels.

Old mountain

I know this place from my childhood. It have always been a special one, that brings to me a peace, a lot of positive energy and inspiration. It’s obvious why, when you see even some of the pictures I’ve done there. It was a great pleasure for me to  return at this old mountain wild park with my little daughter.

33 butterflies

In fact the butterflies are more than 33. 33 is the number of the invitations for the spring party that I made some months ago.

Not all of them are beautiful, but there are some really pretty ideas which may be used as an inspiration for a similar projects.


It seems to be spring

Every new spring I welcome as if it’s the first in my life.

I enjoy every piece of silk blue sky, peeped under the gray clouds, as if I haven’t seen it never before.

Each chestnut bloom make me smile, as if I see it for the first time.

Everything colorful ( mostly in pink 🙂 ) wake up my happiness.

I, even though,  found a lilac still with blossom on it!

Every spring I mеet children in a park – for the first time!

Every spring I thing that…, may be…, you never know…, despite of…, or because of… etc. the rabbit will bounce in front of me. I hope to find the rabbit and if he’s not wearing the white gloves, at least I wish that he offer to me some tulip, hyacinth or daisy.

Every spring is the first one – now and forever!