While I tough about a project in which to use some colored crepe paper, I found the word kusudama.

It’s super easy and fast to make these flowers from  paper. Here you can find a great tutorial.  I worked with 7 x 7 cm. squares, appropriate dimension for the soft crepe paper. I tried also successfully to make such a flowers from wrapping paper, but with smaller dimension of the square – 3 x 3 cm.

I made a lot of  flowers  from gold and silver colored crepe paper for the Christmas trees decoration of my family and friends.

N.B. A part of this post was written in November 2009 for my blog in Bulgarian.


Blue sun or yellow star

“Hey, mama, look what I found! It looks like a sun, but it’s a star, isn’t – it?”

Or it’s just a photo that shows the hand of my daughter. She holds a pair of paper earrings made from me. 😀

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