Games for mothers

One day I saw in a library a set of paper pictures designed to made with them a cardboard house. My 3 years old daughter felt immediately in love with them so we bought the set and  went at home. The idea that I had to start making the house tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after – after, or  some day… (in fact the kitchen of the house) wasn’t acceptable for my beloved daughter. 🙂 So I started my work with scissors and glue under the supervision and the endless questions and exclamations of the little girl: “Mum, it’s going to be a real miracle if you can make a kitchen from this pictures!”; “Are you ready, mum?” (asked at about 100 times); “Mum, the refrigerator is gorgeous!”

She knows how to motivate her mother! Isn’t – she?

So after some hours of cutting, folding and gluing  the kitchen was ready. It’s quite pretty, ah? And sure that sometime we would like to made an other room or (why not?!) to design an own. 🙂

N.B. This article was written in November 2008 as a part of my blog in Bulgarian language.