Bookmark with paper flower

Some weeks ago a friend of mine borrow to me a book. I wanted to make a little something as a gift to thank her when I gave back the book.

That’s in brief how I decided to make a little “thank you ” card which is also a bookmark. When the card is folded its 5 by 5 cm. square. The rose is one of those that I started to make the last week. I’m still  experimenting with different types of paper or  dimensions of flowers and hope to show soon some interesting and beautiful little roses. 😉

The name of the book is “Possible mothers”, it’s a collection of more than 150 texts about maternity written from different women from Bulgaria, Italy and Ukraine.

This is the front side of the unfolded card which is a bookmark already. And there is a little orthographic tease for my friend who is a teacher.

The back side of the bookmark made from cardboard, wrapping paper, paper band and bordered with cotton thread.

The bookmark is the first of its kind, but it was fun and pleasure for me to work on,  so it won’t be the last, definitely.


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